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 For as soon as I heard the sound of your greeting, the child in my womb leaped for joy. Luke 1:44  

In our last Sunday of Advent this week, we’ll be talking about the final meaning (at least for our purposes) of the Spanish word esperar – to expect.  I have to say, the theme is almost too easy, like low hanging fruit, because Kirstin has been expecting for about seven months now.   

Kirstin thinks this baby might be the biggest mover compared to Isaac and Elin.  She is the expert, so I’ll let her make the comparisons, but I can confirm that this baby kicks like a trained ninja.  A kick here, a punch there … is that an elbow or a knee? Either way, the baby seems to have inherited some spunk from Mom.  This time of expectation is only enhanced by the baby’s movement, making it feel like the closer we get, the slower time seems to go.   

I guess that’s part of the wonder of expectation – the closer you get, the more things slow down.   

In this season of Christmas, we hope you are also filled with expectation.  We hope that you are eagerly awaiting the Christ breaking into the world again as signs all around us point to his coming.   

With Christmas lights, and nativity scenes, family gathering around a Christmas tree and smells of fresh baked cookies filling the air.  God is breaking into the world once more.   

Are you expecting God to break into your life?  You should!  Christ is coming and is nearly here!  You should be filled to the brim with expectation.   

Live into it.  And our hope for you is that you are filled with the Good News and the knowledge that there is something wonderful on the way.  And in your expectation, we hope that time can slow down for you as well.  

Thanks be to God!