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The Bethany Lutheran Church Endowment Fund supports the church's mission: "We reflect Christ in Message and Action." In doing so, we support and enhance new and existing ministries in the church and in the community.

 This Mission Endowment Fund is administered by the Bethany Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Board of Trustees, Crystal Lake, Illinois.  We began our journey by supporting new or enhancing existing ministries of our church beyond the operational budget of our congregation.  Then, we expanded our outreach mission to non-profit 501(c )3 organizations outside of our church, especially supporting new initiatives. 

What's your great idea? Let us help!

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How to Apply
Bethany Lutheran Ministries

 Members of Bethany Lutheran Church can apply for funding to extend and enhance the mission of our church beyond and apart from its regular programs, ministries, and work of the Congregation.  The Endowment Committee reviews and approves completed applications, within the Endowment Board’s guidelines.

Approved applicants will be required to submit expenses and results. After this initial funding, ongoing needs for successful projects should be included in Bethany’s operational budget or other sources.

Examples of past support include COVID-19 sanitation and preparedness, liturgical dance program, Hooks and Sticks Prayer Shawl Ministry, Drum Ministry, softball  teams, Grief/Share Total Ministry, Bethany Adventure Seekers, E-Team Outreach efforts, Bethany Summer Musical Program, Lighting the Way to 100 Years visioning initial services, and the ELCA Youth Gathering. 

View and Print Bethany Application (PDF) View and Print Expense and Results Form (PDF)
Community Organizations

 Bethany Lutheran wants to help other organizations as partners in Christ by supporting mission activities not only within our congregation but also to support organizations outside of our church in projects that will stimulate and facilitate God’s work in the community.

Registered IRS 501(c )3 charities are eligible to apply for project funding of $500 - $3000.  Applications for operating or budget support, including salaries and capital improvements, will not be considered.  It is our expectation that these projects will be successful and become a line item in your organization’s yearly budget going forward.  

These funds are not a grant but are paid to the invoice generated by the approved project.

Use the short checklist before submitting your application to ensure that your application is completed prior to submission.  Through this funding, we were able to offer past support to the Northern Illinois Food Bank Mobile Pantry, McHenry County Adult Program, and a Music Program for Head Start.

Eligibility requirements, funding cycle deadlines and additional details are found within the documents below. Before you apply, review the Pre-Submission Checklist.

View and Print Community Application (PDF) View and Print Community Organization Protocol (PDF)
Seminarian Support

 With pre-screening provided by the Northern Illinois ELCA Synod, our Endowment Fund also supports Northern IL-rostered seminarian candidates for Word and Sacrament.