Break the Ice

Winter can be a season of coziness, and it also can bring a sense of loneliness. It’s a time of year when there is less sunlight, days are shorter, and seasonal depression can rear its head. On these cold wintery days, taking time to recognize and greet someone has the potential to bring a bit of warmth and break the ice.


When we take time to make eye contact with someone, give them a smile, or a nod it can be an expression of Christ’s love. It can communicate to someone that you care and that may be what leads to an open door for you to share a message of hope in these winter months when people are more closed in.


It’s been said that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” It can be hard to greet others or know where to start a conversation but trust that the Holy Spirit leads and guides us to step beyond ourselves to share Christ’s peace and joy through our words and kind gestures.


This winter let’s put on our jackets, go out and Break the Ice!