Dear Volunteers at Bethany, 

As we come to the close of Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, our hearts overflow with gratitude for each and every one of you who generously dedicated your time, talents, and passion to enriching our worship experiences.

To the musicians whose music inspired us, to the altar guilds who cared for our sacred spaces with reverence and care, to the visual liturgy team who created beautiful scenes that brought the Gospel to life, and to the assisting ministers who guided us through moments of worship — your contributions were nothing short of extraordinary.

To the ushers whose warm smiles welcomed us, to the readers whose voices led us, and to the This and That Crew who ensured that every detail was tended to with love and precision — your efforts did not go unnoticed.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the AV team whose technical expertise brought sound and visual together, to the Friday Bulletin Crew whose diligent work kept us informed and connected, and to all the unsung heroes behind the scenes — those who tended to the website, crafted Wednesday Words, and performed countless other tasks with grace and humility.

Each one of you played a vital role in creating an atmosphere where God's presence could be felt. Your commitment, your creativity, and your dedication were testaments to the power of community and the transformative love of Christ.

As we reflect on the journey we've shared, we are profoundly moved by the depth of generosity and the spirit of service that permeates our congregation. Your willingness to labor behind the scenes, often without recognition, is a true testament to your love for God and your commitment to serving others.

So, from the depths of our hearts, we offer our sincerest thanks. May the seeds of love and devotion you've planted during this season continue to bear fruit in the lives of those you've touched. May you be blessed abundantly for your selflessness and may the light of God's love shine brightly through your continued acts of service.

Alleluia, Christ is Risen
Christ is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!

With deepest gratitude,
Pastor Cathy Daharsh