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In a world filled with constant change, distrust, and uncertainty, we'll tackle a fundamental aspect of human relationships: trust. Each week on Sunday or Wednesday, we'll follow our Bible study guide and meet to discuss a different sub-topic:

January 21/January 24: Trusting Others... With the Narrative 

The narrative we construct about ourselves, and others significantly impacts trust. This session explores the stories we tell and how they shape our perceptions of trust. 

January 28/January 31: Trusting Others... With Authority 

Delving into the dynamics of trust and authority, this week's sermon encourages contemplation on how authority figures influence our lives, and the role trust plays in such relationships. 

February 4/February 7: Trusting Others... With Our Well-Being 

Trusting others with our well-being is a profound act that requires vulnerability. This week's sermon explores the challenges and rewards of trusting our physical and emotional well-being to others. 

February 11/February 14: Transfiguration - Trusting Others... As We Change 

As the series concludes on Transfiguration Sunday, the focus shifts to how trust evolves through change. Embracing transformation and trusting others during moments of transition become central themes. 

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